Christmas is a time for family, friends and traditions,
Hopeful for a future full of wonder, joy and mystery,
Renditions abound echoing the very best of humanity,
It's lanterns burning bright in the dark, held up high,
Stony Stratford! Armed with knowledge, potential and creativity,
These brave heroes show us and midwinter their might,
Marching through our town, fearless to push back the night
All inspired by their favourite seasonal cinematic delight,
Singalongs and animated treats, fantastical epics and family features.

I don't know about you but I love movies at Christmas,
The proper classics… “Die Hard” and “The Great Escape”,
Stories of miracles, a warning about the Krampus.

And of course… “Home Alone”, they're all so great!
Loving tales of families trials and travails,
Lasting memories of cosy nights up late.

All in all there's one film that never fails,
Bringing out the very best in me,
Of magic, wonder and mystery,
Uniting unlikely friends, a former foe,
Trolls controlling what you know,

Most of all it's about being free,
Of overcoming any and all adversity,
No “Frozen” isn't just for kids, Elsa's message sings true,
Everyone has something holding them back… so,
You know the words! All together… let it go!

Sam Upton – Bard of Stony Stratford
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