Getting Involved

Altogether, there are three main groups that organise our Christmas Light Switch-On celebrations :
* One that plans and puts up the Lights, Christmas Trees, etc.
* Another that organises the Switch-On Funday celebrations
* And a third that organises Lantern Making for the Procession
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Stony Stratford Business Association
Putting up the Lights. In 1982 the newly formed Stony Stratford Business Association (SSBA) took over from the Stony Stratford Chamber of Trade and set about improving our Christmas Lights with much enthusiasm and energy. Extending them beyond just the High Street, the lights now cover large areas of the town, with many special features and focal points. If you're fit, energetic and would like to know more about joining the Lights team, contact

* David Odell 01908-562146 or

Christmas Lights at Stony Stratford Committee
Organising the Funday

Because of the scale of the event and the time required to organise it, the celebrations for the Switch-On Funday are now organised by a completely separate committee Christmas Lights at Stony Stratford (CLASS). If you would like to find out more about helping to organise our Funday :
* Click Here to find out who does what . . .
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Stony Stratford Lantern Project - making Lanterns
Started in 2000 and based at York House Centre (the town's well loved and heavily used Youth,
Community and Arts Centre), the Stony Stratford Lantern Project organises the making of over

200 fabulous paper lanterns for our popular family Lantern Procession.
If you would like to find out about the team that organises the Lantern Making, contact :
 Fiona Trinder: 01908 563361, 07948 390323 or .