On the day Christmes Lights
Stony Stratford
Unloading & Reloading

Whenever possible, please use one of the many alleyways that lead to the High Street to unload / reload your vehicle. A sack truck or small trolley might be useful to help you move your stock.
If you really need to bring your vehicle(s) onto
the High Street, one of our Stewards will need to negotiate access with the Build Crew.
Please note you may have to wait until other vehicles are clear before you can get your vehicle in. Please unload your vehicle(s) as
quickly as possible and then move it / them
to a proper parking place.
Emergency Access 

As one of the conditions for Road Closure, we 
are required to to enable access for Emergency Vehicles.
Throughout the day we will be checking to 
make sure your stall and your merchandise do 
not encroach into any Emergency Access zone.
For any queries about Road Closure and Emergency Vehicle Access, contact : 
Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator 
07966 444181 bob.adams@hotmail.co.uk
Rubbish & Recycling 

Think carefully about how you can prevent your stall from generating litter. We supply all stall holders with clear sacks for mixed recycling and black sacks for landfill, plus a dustbin if you need one.
There will be Blue Boxes for glass recycling.
Packing up

5.30pm to 6.30pm. Please ensure your stall or pitch is clear by 6.30pm so we can reopen the road and dismantle the stalls on time.

Lost Property 

We will keep Lost Property for one month. Anything not claimed after that will be disposed of. Any valuables will be passed to Thames Valley Police.
For Lost Property contact : Keith Smith - Chair of CLASS 
07775 500084 or keith_smith.email@btinternet.com

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