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Christmas Lights
Stony Stratford
Allocation Policy

We tend to favour applications from organisations and individuals (especially charities, etc.) that have a connection with Stony Stratford and the local area.
Where possible Stalls and Traders should be offering something in keeping with the Christmas season, and to decorate their stalls to high standards.
CLASS reserves the right to choose whichever Stalls and Traders it thinks most suitable.
Unsuitable Stalls 

CLASS reserves the right to reject any application for a stall it considers inappropriate .e.g. from political parties, certain campaigning organisations, or those linked with contentious issues. 
The CLASS Committee considers each application on its merits. Although the Committee will consider additional information, its decision is final. 

Any fees will be refunded if you are refused.
Health and Safety

Our Switch-On Funday is considered to be a Place of Work, so we are expected to comply with workplace Health & Safety Legislation, Codes of Practice and Good Practice Guidelines
e.g. Food Safety, Electrical Safety (including a PAT test on items that run on 50 volts or more), Working at Height, Manual Handling, reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission to stall holders and the public etc. 

If you have any concerns or queries about what you might need to do to comply, please contact : Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator 
07966 444181
Trading Standards 

It's the responsibility of all traders to ensure the goods they offer for sale meet current standards of safety and quality (e.g. second-hand electrical items running on 50 volts or more should display evidence of an PAT Test).
Counterfeit and/or dangerous goods are not permitted.
If in doubt on any aspect, contact Trading Standards, MK Council for advice.
Electricity / Water Supply 

We cannot provide electricity or water supplies for any stall or pitch. 
Food handlers will need to make their own arrangements for hand washing in line with relevant Food Safety Regulations.
Daylight starts to fade after about 4.15pm. Battery powered LED Lights might be useful for the end of the day.
Street Collections 

If you intend to make a Street Collection as part of your fundraising, you must have our written permission first. 
For enquiries contact : 
Robin Roy - Stalls & Concessions Co-ordinator, mobile No. 07591680046 or

CLASS is not keen on stalls selling alcohol or giving alcohol as a prize, although seasonal drinks, e.g. mulled wine, might be acceptable.
Although you are allowed to give alcohol away without penalty, to sell it you always need a license. This includes selling an alcoholic punch, mulled wine and anything with an alcoholic content.
The legal definition of a sale is when someone parts with money.
Attempts to avoid having a license (e.g. running a raffle where every prize is alcohol), are futile because money has changed hands.
If you want to sell alcohol, or offer a number of alcohol prizes as part of a game of chance, you’ll need :
* Our Written Agreement
* An appropriate License from MK Council (e.g. a Temporary Event Notice or TEN)
If you want to offer alcohol as a prize, you must also provide suitable non-alcoholic prizes for minors, anyone who appears to be a minor, or anyone who is already intoxicated.
If you have any concerns or queries, please contact : 
Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator 
007966 444181
Raffles / Lotteries / Games of Chance

All Prizes for raffles, tombola or similar games of chance must be clearly identified before anyone takes part.
It's not acceptable for prize winners to be offered a prize that appears to be the arbitrary choice of the person operating the stall. However, it is OK for the identification of the prize to be hidden from view . 
The need for identification doesn't apply when all prizes are of the same value, or where the winner is free to choose any prize from those available, or where it's a game of skill rather than a game of chance. 
Food Safety 

All Food Handlers who trade regularly must be registered with their local Environmental Health department (MK Council for anyone living in MK) 
Although Food Handlers who trade infrequently are exempt from registering with Environmental Health, the only people who you are allowed to serve unfit food to without penalty are your own immediate family!
For that reason, we require all sales of Food and Drink on Switch-On Day be supervised by a Registered Food Handler. 
MK Play Association runs regular Food Hygiene courses for anyone who needs accreditation. 
To talk to CLASS about any Food Hygiene matter, please contact: 
Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator 
07966 444181
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