Stony Stratford when the town is lit up,
We have lights,
We have love,
We have lanterns.

The 3 most important L's for the switch on this year;
Lights make us safe around darkness,
Love makes us happy all year,
Lanterns are fun and creative,
Filling us with festive cheer.

There's a funfair and stalls, which fill up the high street,
With candy and popcorn and rides.
Bouncy castles and raffles and crystals,
Chips and hot chocolate, to warm your insides.

Music and dancing that happens all day,
Morris dancers with their shiny bells jangling,
Clog dancers clopping away,
People all happy and clapping,
The Mummers' perform their play.

The highlight's the lantern procession,
With decorations to brighten the way,
People gather and fill up the square,
In their woolly gloves, scarfs, hats and jumpers,
Holding their lanterns up high in the air.

Everyone waits for the countdown,
Building up the atmosphere,
Hip, hip, hooray, now with a big cheer,
The lights reappear,
For another fun year!

By Amy Wedderburn – Junior Bard of Stony Stratford
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