So, this year’s theme for the lanterns is Christmas at the movies......I really struggled with what to talk about and drew a complete blank, so I would just like to say that.........

I hope you're not HOME ALONE this Christmas and I hope you find some LOVE ACTUALLY

I hope the man in red isn't a BAD SANTA and doesn’t leave you any coal!!! Maybe you might find a MIRACLE (ON 34TH STREET) gift on the High Street, or you could pop down there and enjoy the carol singers, singing A CHRISTMAS CAROL or two, or maybe watch a NATIVITY.

Oh no!?? what’s the time?? I’m going to miss the (POLAR) EXPRESS to the City Centre because I forgot to do my Christmas shopping... oh no I’m definitely going to have a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS trying to pick the right gifts for my family and friends before the shops close!

Come on, don't be a GRINCH this Christmas, go and grab a BUDDY (ELF) and enjoy yourself, it’s THE HOLIDAY season after all. Don't have ARTHUR CHRISTMAS, go the full hog and eat lots of Christmas pudding...... it’s Christmas and IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE! Who knows, maybe this will be a WHITE CHRISTMAS and there might be enough, so you could build THE SNOWMAN!

You might need a NUTCRACKER to open those delicious looking almonds! But first you might want to go and buy some humbugs just in case SCROOGE pops round for a cup of tea and a slice of cake! OH, and you, yeah you at the back... yes, I’m talking to you!!! don’t go getting on your brothers nerves just like FRED CLAUSE did!... remember Santa’s watching you!

Have a merry Christmas and don’t be too FROSTY!!

by Megan Willsher – Youth Bard of Stony Stratford
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