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Apply Early
There are only a limited number of places where we can put stalls and very little space for pitches. Applications for the Street Market open in early September 2023.
Stalls and pitches are often fully booked by early November.
If you have a preference for a particular location, please give details in the Additional Information on your application.
Read the guidance below and scroll down to download an application form and risk assessment.
Stalls and pitches
detailed guidance
stall map On the day
Day / Date / Times

This year's Switch-On Funday is Sat 2nd Dec 2023
Set-Up : 8.30am to 9.30am
Trading : 10.00am to 5.30pm
NB. If there is a Lantern Procession this year, there will be a short pause in trading when the
Lantern Procession passes at approx. 4.30pm
Pack-Up : 5.30pm to 6.30pm
NB. We need to clear up and reopen the road to traffic
as soon as possible. Please ensure your pitch is
clear by 6.30pm so we can start removing the stalls on time.

As the name Street Market implies, most of our Stalls are located on the High Street.
The map above shows a typical layout, although we often make minor changes to make best use
of the space available.
You'll also find some stalls and pitches in the covered entrance to Cofferidge Close and the alleyways through to the Market Square.
During set-up and especially during pack-up the High Street in particular becomes very congested.
Please do everything you can not to block
access and to keep things moving.
Risk Assessments

If you have your own risk assessment, please include a copy with your Application. If you don't have a Risk Assessment, you must complete one of ours (see Application Downloads). All risk assessments should specify measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

If you have any queries contact : 

Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator: 07966 444181

For any general enquiries, contact: Robin Roy - Stalls & Concessions Co-ordinator, or 07591 680046
Types of Stalls and costs

1. Traditional linked Market Stalls
26 stalls in three rows on the High Street with canopies, which provide modest protection from the weather. 
Table size : 8' x 3' (2.4m x 0.9m)
Fees: Charitable / Not for Profit : £25.00*
Commercial traders : £40.00

2. Free-standing Gopak-type folding tables 
10-11 tables in two rows In the covered entrance to Cofferidge Close, which provides good protection from the weather.
Table size : 6' x 3' (1.8m x 0.9m)
Fees: Charitable / Not for Profit : £25.00*
Commercial traders : £40.00

3. Free-standing Market Pitch. 
4 pitches arranged in pairs on the High Street. Bring your own gazebo and table.
(A few tables available for hire on request).
Pitch size : up to 10’ x 10’ (3m x 3m).
Fees: Charitable / Not for Profit : £30.00*
Commercial traders : £60.00.
*Reduced fees apply if all proceeds go to a charity or non-profit organisation (e.g. Social Enterprises, CICs). If you keep the proceeds, the commercial fee applies.

High Risk empty Pitch (for food traders)
Very limited vacancies in the Market Square or its passages, mainly under the Health Centre canopy.
Any pitches involving the use of electric generators, LPG, BBQs, open flames or hot surfaces are designated High Risk.
These pitches need a fire break and other special arrangements.
Fee: £25 + 20% of takings
For more details contact : Robin Roy - Stalls & Concessions Co-ordinator, or 07591 680046

If you already have Insurance cover, make sure it covers YOU at our event. You MUST have cover for : 

* Public Liability, in case you accidentally harm a member of the public,
In addition you should have cover for: 
* Product Liability, especially for food or drink, in case you sell something that turns out to be harmful or defective 
* Employers Liability, if you employ someone else on the stall, including unpaid volunteers 
* All Risks, is desirable in case you accidentally damage other’s property.
Please send us a copy or details of your Insurance with your Application. If you haven't got Insurance, you’ll need to arrange some. We can’t accept your application without the necessary cover. 
Online insurers e.g. Event Insurance Services ( offer low-cost one day stallholders cover. 
The National Market Traders Federation offers annual member cover.
Schools/voluntary groups, charities, etc. whose organisation has insurance should inform their company that they are running a stall. 

If you have any concerns or queries contact : Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator 
07966 444181

Application and Risk Assessment
Free Downloads

To download an Application Form and other relevant information here, click the links below and click save when prompted,
the document will appear in your downloads folder :

* Application Form (.doc)

* Application Form (.pdf)(click download icon then save)

* Risk Assessment(.doc)

* Risk Assessment (.pdf)(click download icon then save)

* Car Parking Map(.doc)

*Car Parking Map (.pdf)(click download icon then save)

* Detailed Car Parking Map(.doc)

*Detailed Car Parking Map (.pdf)(click download icon then save)

For any general enquiries about your application,

Robin Roy - Stalls & Concessions Co-ordinator, mobile No. 07591680046 or

Methods of Payment

You can pay your Pitch Fee in a number of ways
as follows :
* By Cheque (made payable to CLASS)
* By Cash (make sure you get a receipt)
* By BACS / On-Line Banking /
Electronic Transfer
(Sort Code 30-15-53, A/c No. 02849793)
Unfortunately we are unable to accept Debit or Credit Card payments at present (Sorry).
Please note that once your Application
is accepted by CLASS, the Pitch Fee is
There are no exceptions to this, even if Switch-On Day is cancelled for whatever reason.
Application Checklist

To make an Application for a Stall or a Pitch, please send us the following :
 An Application Form
 Your Pitch Fee
(or evidence of Payment)
 Your Insurance Certificate or details
 A Risk Assessment
(either yours or ours)
 Food Handlers Certificate(s)
(if applicable)
If you wish to apply, but there may be a delay in sending everything listed above, please send in as much as you can.
Submitting Your Application

There are three options for submitting your Application :
* By E.mail to
* By Post to
CLASS C/O Odell & Co, 60 High Street,
Stony Stratford. MK11 1AQ

Don't forget to apply a stamp!
* By Hand to
CLASS C/O Odell & Co, 60 High Street,
Stony Stratford. MK11 1AQ

Seal your Application and supporting paperwork in an envelope labelled CLASS
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