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Christmas Lights
Stony Stratford
Apply Early
There are only a limited number of places where we can put stalls. Applications for a Stall or a Pitch at this year's Switch-On Funday open in September 2017. We often have many applications for the same location, so make sure you apply promptly. Generally our Street Market is fully booked by early November. If you have a preference or need for a particular location, please give full details in the Additional Information section on your application.
Day / Date / Times

This year's Switch-On Funday is Sat 2nd Dec 2017
Set-Up : 8.30am to 9.30am
Trading : 10.00am to 5.30pm
NB. There will be a short pause in trading when the
Lantern Procession passes at approx. 4.30pm
Pack-Up : 5.30pm to 6.30pm
NB. We need to clear up and reopen the road to traffic
as soon as possible. Please ensure your pitch is
clear by 6.30pm so we can start removing the stalls on time.

As the name Street Market implies, most of our Stalls are located on the High Street.
The map above shows a typical layout, although we often make minor changes to make best use
of the space available.
You'll also find some stalls and pitches in the covered entrance to Cofferidge Close and the alleyways through to the Market Square.
During set-up and especially during pack-up the High Street in particular becomes very congested.
Please do everything you can not to block
access and to keep things moving.
Unloading & Reloading

Whenever possible, please use one of the many alleyways that lead to the High Street to unload / reload your vehicle. A sack truck or small trolley might be useful to help you move your stock.
If you really need to bring your vehicle(s) onto
the High Street, one of our Stewards will need to negotiate access with the Build Crew.
Please note you may have to wait until other vehicles are clear before you can get your vehicle in. Please unload your vehicle(s) as
quickly as possible and then move it / them
to a proper parking place.
Type of Stall

We offer five different options, including two different types of stalls :
1. Traditional linked Market Stalls (canopies provide modest protection from the weather).
We have a total of 26 stalls in three rows.
Table' Size : 8' x 3' (2.4m x 0.9m)
2. Free-standing Market Pitch only.
We have a total of 4, often arranged in pairs.
Table' Size : 8' x 4' (2.4m x 1.2m)
3. Free-standing Gopak type folding tables
(no canopies, but located in the covered
entrance to Cofferidge Close which provides
good protection from the weather).
We have a total of 10-11 tables, arranged 2 rows.
Table Size : 6' x 3' (1.8m x 0.9m)

The charges for our different types of stalls and pitches are:
1. Traditional linked Market Stalls
Charitable / Not for Profit : £25.00
Commercial Traders : £40.00
2. Free-standing Market Pitch only
Charitable / Not for Profit : £30.00
Commercial Traders : £60.00
3. Free-standing Gopak type Tables
Charitable / Not for Profit : £25.00
Commercial Traders : £40.00
5. High Risk Empty Pitch (food traders)
£25 + 20% of takings
(very limited or no vacancies at present)
High Risk / Low Risk

Following discussions with the Licensing Department with MK Council, certain activities have been designated 'Higher Risk'.
These include : the use of generators the use of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) BBQs and other open flames or
hot surfaces, (particularly where it might be possible for members of the public to touch them)These pitches need a fire break and other special arrangements.
A number of locations have been designated as being more suitable for these types of stalls.
(very limited or no vacancies at present)

For more details contact :

Robin Roy - Stalls & Concessions Co-ordinator, mobile No. 07591680046 or
Allocation Policy

We tend to favour applications from organisations
and individuals that have a tangible connection
with Stony Stratford.
Generally Charities and Not for Profit organisations will be allocated pitches first.
Although there will always be exceptions for
good reasons, all Stalls and Traders should be offering something in keeping with the season, such as Christmas Gifts.
Stall holders are actively encouraged to decorate and dress their stalls to high standards.
Demand for pitches almost always exceeds supply. CLASS reserves the right to choose whichever Stalls and Traders it thinks most suitable.
Not for Profit / Commercial

If the proceeds of your Low Risk trading are for the direct benefit of a Charity or a Not for Profit organisation, (including Social Enterprises or a CIC) then a slightly reduced Pitch Fee applies.
On the other hand, if you retain the money that you make on the day, then you need to pay the
full Commercial Trader Pitch Fee.
Electricity / Water Supply

Unfortunately, we cannot provide Electricity or Water supplies for any Stall or Pitch.

Food Handlers will need to make their own arrangements for Hand Washing in line with relevant Food Safety Regulations.
Dusk. Be aware that daylight starts to fade quite quickly after about 4.15pm. Some battery powered LED Lights might be useful for the end of the day and packing up.


As a rule, we're not keen on stalls selling Alcohol or giving Alcohol as a prize, although seasonal sales such as Mulled Wine might be more acceptable.
Ironically, although you are allowed to give Alcohol away without penalty, to sell it you always need a license!

This includes selling an alcoholic punch, mulled wine and anything with an alcoholic content.
NB. The legal definition of 'a sale' is 'for consideration' (ie. when someone parts with money). Attempts to avoid having a license (eg. running a raffle where every prize is Alcohol), are futile because money has changed hands. If you want to sell Alcohol, or offer a number of Alcohol Prizes as part of a game of chance, you will need :

* Our Written Agreement
* An appropriate License from MK Council
(eg. a Temporary Event Notice or TEN)
If you want to offer Alcohol as a prize, you must also provide suitable non-alcoholic prizes for minors, anyone who appears to be a minor or anyone who is already intoxicated.

If you have any concerns or queries about what
you might need to do to comply, please contact :
Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator
07966 444181
Food Safety

All Food Handlers who trade regularly must be registered with their local Environmental Health department (MK Council for anyone living in MK)
For what constitutes 'regularly', and
any other Food Hygiene query, consult Environmental Health.
Although Food Handlers who trade infrequently are exempt from registering with Environmental Health, the only people who you are allowed to serve unfit food to without penalty are your own immediate family!
For that reason, we require all sales of Food and Drink on Switch-On Day be supervised
by a Registered Food Handler.
MK Play Association runs regular Food Hygiene courses for anyone who needs accreditation.
If you need to talk to CLASS about any Food Hygiene matter, please contact :
Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator
07966 444181

INJURED PARTIES ARE INCREASINGLY GOING TO LAW, SO INSURANCE IS VITAL. If you already have Insurance cover, make sure it covers YOU at our event. You MUST have cover for :

* Public Liability, in case you accidentally harm a member of the public,
In addition you should have cover for:
* Product Liability, especially for food or drink, in case you sell something that turns out to be harmful or defective
* Employers Liability, if you employ someone else on the stall, including unpaid volunteers
* All Risks, is desirable in case you accidentally damage other’s property.
Please send us a copy or details of your Insurance with your Application. If you haven't got Insurance, you will need to arrange some. We can’t accept your application without the necessary cover. The National Market Traders Federation offers annual member cover. Online insurers e.g. Event Insurance Services ( offer low-cost one day stallholders cover. Schools/voluntary groups, charities, etc. whose organisation has insurance should inform their company that they are running a stall

If you have any concerns or queries about what you might need to do, please contact :

Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator
07966 444181
Street Collections

If you intend to make a Street Collection as part of your fundraising at our event, you must have our written permission first.
For enquiries on Street Collections contact :
Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator
07966 444181
Health and Safety

As far as Health & Safety is concerned, our Switch-On Funday is considered to be a Place of Work. As a result we are all expected to comply with a wide range of work-related Health & Safety Legislation, Codes of Practice and Good Practice Guidelines.
Far too many to list here, they of course include the more obvious stuff such as Food Safety, Electrical Safety, Working at Height, Manual Handling, etc.
NB. All Electrical Items used on the day that run on 50 volts or more require evidence of an appropriate PAT Test.
Everyone has a basic responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of others (years ago we used to call this commonsense!).
Much of this is fairly obvious and straightforward.

(For example: Try not to poison your customers by serving them unsafe food! And don't trip up pedestrians by allowing hazards to block a normal pathway). Don't forget this covers both your 'acts' (ie. things that you do) and your 'omissions' (ie. things you should have done but didn't).
Be aware that although the road will be closed, there will be moving vehicles during set-up and get-out. Please take great care, and especially if Emergency Vehicles need to gain access.
If you have any concerns or queries about what you might need to do to comply, please contact :
Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator
07966 444181
Risk Assessments

If you trade regularly no doubt you will already have your own Risk Assessment. If so, please send us a copy with your Application.
If you don't have a Risk Assessment, we ask you to fill in one of ours. You can download a copy by clicking here, click save when prompted, the form will appear in your downloads folder.
As you can see, Risk Assessment covers a lot of really basic stuff, so you shouldn't find this too difficult to complete.
At the bottom we have left some blank spaces for you to add anything extra that particularly applies to your stall or pitch.
If you have any queries about filling in the Risk Assessment, please contact :
Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator
07966 444181
Unsuitable Stalls

CLASS reserves the right to reject any Application for a stall it considers inappropriate for our family Funday.
This would include applications from political
parties, certain campaigning organisations
or those linked with contentious issues.
These are not the only reasons that might
lead to a refusal.

The CLASS Committee considers each
application on its merits and decides accordingly.
Although the Committee will consider
additional information in support of an Application,
the Committee's decision to accept or reject
any Application is final.

There is no appeal process. Sorry.

Any monies paid will be refunded if you are refused.
Raffles / Lotteries / Games of Chance

All Prizes for Raffles, Tombola or similar games
of chance must be clearly identified
before anyone takes part.

It's not acceptable for prize winners to be offered
a prize that appears to be the arbitrary choice of the person operating the stall. However, it is OK for the identification of the prize to be hidden from view (eg. underneath or on the back).
The need for identification doesn't apply when
all prizes are of the same value, or where the winner is free to choose any prize from those available, or where it's a game of skill rather than a game of chance.
CLASS reserves the right to intervene in
situations where a game of chance appears
to be unfair or illegal. This may have an impact on any future applications for a stall or pitch.
See also, the Alcohol section above . . .
Trading Standards

It's the responsibility of all traders to ensure the goods they offer for sale meet current standards of safety and quality.
For example, second-hand Electrical Items running on 50 volts or more should display evidence of an appropriate PAT Test.
Counterfeit and/or dangerous goods are not permitted. If in doubt on any aspect, contact Trading Standards at MK Council for advice.
Lost Property

We will keep any Lost Property for one month. Anything not claimed after one month will be disposed of. Any valuables will be passed to Thames Valley Police.
For Lost Property enquiries, please contact : Keith Smith - Chair of CLASS
07775 500084 or
Rubbish & Recycling

Please think carefully about how you can prevent your stall from generating litter (eg. discarded cloakroom tickets and lucky dip prize wrappers).
We supply all Stall Holders with a suitable quantity
of pink sacks for Mixed Recycling (not glass)
and black sacks for Landfill, plus a Dustbin if
you need one. You can get more sacks on the day.
There will be a number of the usual Blue Boxes nearby for any glass recycling.
Subject to having enough volunteer stewards
during the day, we may come round and
remove any sacks that are full.
At the end of trading, please leave any
remaining sacks stacked neatly ready for our stewards to remove them.
Emergency Access

As one of the conditions for Road Closure, we
are required to maintain a minimum road width
to enable access for Emergency Vehicles.
Throughout the day we will be checking to
make sure your stall and your merchandise do
not encroach into any Emergency Access zone.
NB. We will ask you to move anything we consider
to be a hazard or restriction, particularly things
that overhang too far from the front of your stall.
Thanks for your help and co-operation with this.
For any queries about Road Closure and Emergency Vehicle Access, contact :
Bob Adams - Event Safety Co-ordinator
07966 444181
Application Downloads

To download an Application Form and other relevant information here, click the links below and click save when prompted,
the document will appear in your downloads folder :
* Application Form (.doc)
* Application Form (.pdf)(click download icon then save)
* Risk Assessment
* Risk Assessment (.pdf)(click download icon then save)
* Car Parking Map
For any general enquiries about your application,

Robin Roy - Stalls & Concessions Co-ordinator, mobile No. 07591680046 or
Application Checklist

To make an Application for a Stall or a Pitch, please send us the following :
 An Application Form
 Your Pitch Fee
(or evidence of Payment)
 Your Insurance Certificate or details
 A Risk Assessment
(either yours or ours)
 Food Handlers Certificates(s)
(if applicable)
If you wish to apply, but you know there may be an unavoidable delay in sending everything we ask for (eg. you might have to wait for someone to raise a cheque), send in as much as you can.
Methods of Payment

You can pay your Pitch Fee in a number of ways
as follows :
* By Cheque (made payable to CLASS)
* By Cash (make sure you get a receipt)
* By BACS / On-Line Banking /
Electronic Transfer
(Sort Code 30-15-53, A/c No. 02849793)
Unfortunately we are unable to accept Debit or Credit Card payments at present (Sorry).
Please note that once your Application
is accepted by CLASS, the Pitch Fee is
There are no exceptions to this, even if Switch-On Day is cancelled for whatever reason.
Submitting Your Application

There are three options for submitting your Application :
* By E.mail to
* By Post to
CLASS C/O Odell & Co, 60 High Street,
Stony Stratford. MK11 1AQ

Don't forget to apply a stamp!
* By Hand to
CLASS C/O Odell & Co, 60 High Street,
Stony Stratford. MK11 1AQ

Seal your Application and supporting paperwork in an envelope labelled CLASS

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